Case Study: Diesel’s full-funnel WhenTogether campaign

Diesel selects Teads Studio for its latest full-funnel campaign, run through Myntelligence’s multichannel orchestrator

Teads, The Global Media Platform, is pleased to announce the results of Diesel’s full-funnel WhenTogether campaign, planned through the Myntelligence platform on premium inventory of Teads publishing partners with the aim of generating awareness and consideration, and acquiring quality traffic. The campaign has achieved excellent performance throughout the funnel, fully meeting the brand’s expectations.

Thanks to a tailor-made approach by the Teads Studio team, Diesel’s campaign has been able to leverage the expertise of Teads Studio’s team of strategists and designers to perfectly align their strategy with creative assets, take advantage of innovative technological engagement solutions — especially mobile communication — and accelerate the process of creative development. The recommendations and strategic choices that emerged led to excellent results in terms of upper funnel KPIs, including a +36% VTR on video formats and 75% viewability, and also recorded high levels of CTR, which reached a value 5 times higher than the benchmark on viewable display formats and, as a result, had a significant impact on the consideration sphere.

Starting from the basic campaign assets, the Teads Studio team worked on highlighting the brand and the creative amplification of the campaign message by developing creativity in line with the brand’s values. Innovative technological formats such as Swipe Carousel and Custom Flow capture the attention of the target by taking advantage of the interaction mechanisms typical of mobile communications. The user brings creativity to life through tap or scrolling actions that trigger the animation and enrich the user experience without interrupting it.

At the lower end of the funnel, the automated planning of Myntelligence technology made use of the Teads Audience 1:1 audience targeting model to reach women between the ages of 35 and 54 with interests related to style, beauty and fashion. Audience segments were intercepted thanks to the integrated function of AI predictive algorithms, the Teads Data Foundation (first-, second- and third-party data) and the targeting capabilities of the Teads Interest Graph, which leverages online media consumption interests and habits to identify users most likely to interact with the format and advertising message. Accurate identification of the target has led to an optimization of the CPiV (Cost per Incremental Visit) of 86% of the value agreed at the brief stage.

Carlo De Matteo, co-founder and Managing Partner of Myntelligence commented:

Myntelligence’s platform allows you to orchestrate your clients’ campaign planning with a multichannel vision. The platform’s artificial intelligence allows you to choose the best media and adtech channels on a daily basis to achieve the best performance results. The results achieved by Diesel’s campaign were the outcome of the synergistic work of our technology and creative input from Teads Studio, which guaranteed the best combination of our algorithms and Teads’ engaging creativity.”



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